Welcome Aidan Coyne, Our New Sales Director

Welcome Aidan Coyne, Our New Sales Director

Putting the band back together? Who knows, but having worked with Aidan on a number of occasions I’ve no doubt his intelligence, experience and professionalism will be a vital asset to EastPoint Solutions and even more importantly to our clients.
Welcome to EastPoint!

EastPoint believes we can help, that is at the core of everything we stand for. Referrals are our lifeblood, and sales is the beginning of that journey. EastPoint welcomes Aidan Coyne as our new Sales Director.

EastPoint Sales Director – Aidan Coyne

EastPoint’s New Sales Director, like EastPoint itself, came from the technology. In the nineties Aidan Coyne worked on mainframes, before deciding that he liked the look and feel of Sales, segueing into sales at IBM. 

Joining IBM at the apex of the Gerstner era, Aidan found that sales, that rambunctious study of human psychology, almost sports like excitement, bringing value to a customer on a long fought and sought deal, was more to his liking. IBM at that time was riding the dotcom wave, bringing software into companies, changing itself and the world. 

Sales is where Aidan has stayed and prospered. Working for many of Ireland’s own flagship technology companies before arriving in EastPoint at the right moment. Timing being everything in sales, of course. 

Aidan believes in providing value to the client or prospect at every step along the way. Old school sales outlook, coupled with a modern nous. Aidan has big deals in multiple industries along his career path: Health, Insurance, Public Sector, Agri business, Pharma, Banking, and Utilities, always enjoying himself along the way, creating long term partnerships. Like EastPoint, Aidan believe that partnerships are a company’s lifeblood, particularly when those partnerships are honed through mutually beneficial sales deals that last beyond the initial timeframe. 

Aidan’s current outlook is optimistic as befits a salesman with a lifetime of experience.

Well I am here to understand people’s business problems, help them to find a solution that suits the business I work for, and them. Put the commercial and contractual pieces in place for that to happen. I am very very clear that sales is about that, business, we talk, I fix a problem and you pay me money. It is as simple as that.

As with EastPoint, Aidan understands that a company’s issue with technology are first and foremost business problems, albeit sometimes with tech solutions. Ultimately the solution, the deal, must benefit all sides, create and generate value and improve inefficiency. This is aligned with the EastPoint credo, that nobody is really looking for an IT project, people are looking for the result. Aidan is committed to finding the right result and fit for EastPoint’s current and future partners, insuring an ongoing mutually beneficial and enriching relationship for all. 

Fundamentally the core of sales is, human psychology, you could read Shakespeare, human psychology hasn’t changed in 400 years. It hasn’t changed since Greek drama.


For Aidan the attraction of EastPoint was the alignment in values and ambition. Keen to build something lasting, an Irish legacy, something that improves the lives of those within the company and without.

People as the interface, technology as the platform, intelligence as the bridge.