The EastPoint Story

Embracing the Technology

Technology works for us

EastPoint - Embracing the Technology

EastPoint Solutions was founded in April 2009 by Mike O’Brien. We are situated in  Dublin, Ireland, at the cutting edge of Data & Systems Integration in the Twenty First Century.

EastPoint has arrived here after a lifelong learning journey. Forged from our own professional history in Irish technology. EastPoint’s achievements, expertise and strengths are our rewards for risk, and a life less ordinary.


Our flagship projects include work with local Irish as well as global clients such as Acacia, Blue Insurance, Department of Justice & Equality, Department Of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI), Fingal County Council, Heineken, Irish Prison Services, Momentum Support Systems, Welocalize and Zurich Insurance, Residential Tenancy Board as examples.

We only partner with the best

We’ve built strong relationships with large global players such as Microsoft and IBM in addition to highly specialised partners such as Darwino, Jitterbit, Monnit, Eurotech, Aspera, Time To Act, and the Open Source community, among others.
We also have our own development arm for new technological frontiers, to provide new solutions.

Who we are is a culmination of the reflections of our history, our successes and missteps.

EastPoint is of that familiar Irish struggle over the last twenty years through a nascent industry, the boom, the recession and now back to a more even keel. We come from the technology, it is where we were born.

“The culture underneath it all is the critical part to EastPoint. I cannot over emphasise that enough.”

Mike O’Brien
EastPoint founder.

EastPoint’s achievements, expertise and strengths are our rewards for risk, and a life less ordinary.

EastPoint is equipped to help your company untangle your data.
Give us your tangled messes.
We make your technology work for you again.

System integrations to make business easier, clearer, motivated by your needs, the client’s needs. Non prescriptive solutions to complexity and system sag and lag.

We clarify to simplify. Help you understand what your technology is saying, we listen to you, we interpret, so you can hear what your systems are telling you.

Technology does not need waste.

Everyday we have something to prove, that is our acceleration, motivation and essence. We look up, like you we dream, above and beyond, more than business, greater than technology, we focus on our client’s satisfaction, fulfilling your destiny.

Flexibility out of size. With a technology arm here and near shore giving us agility in the market, clean minds unencumbered by craven loyalties elsewhere. Freeing us to flex up and be dynamic in our approach, as seamlessly as possible. The economy strengthens and confidence has begun to consolidate business optimism, so we seek out more. Yes, we enjoy the difficult strange jobs people baulk at, for us it is about improvement. We apply our expertise, bring to bear our technological experience and ideas on any area of your business.

Technology works for us, not the other way around.

We believe our role is to listen, learn, confirm, consult and then act. We are confident that we have never left a client without the improvements they sought. Referrals are our lifeblood.
Illumination of the journey ahead, guiding you, helping you avoid the rocks, we know where they are. EastPoint’s light, our essence, our ethos – is our honesty and integrity. Being able to create, innovate and deliver results, stems from these. Credibility that we have acquired from our actions. The actions of our team, their technical expertise, all scouting ahead, telling us the easiest route into the next port, to meet your next challenge together.

We acquire our credibility from the work we do, and from you, our clients.

Right now we are growing, pushing back our technological horizons, elevating our power and reach. Collaborative structures, enabling information sharing and capitalizing on what we learn. We work in the Public Sector, the Private Sector, and where they meet, the real world. We have purposely built EastPoint from the engine room out. Now we are in a period of expansion, we seek out new challenges, bigger opportunities and like minded souls.

EastPoint has to be more than a moment in time.

To discuss your needs, phone us today at +353 (0) 1 2542 911 or email

We are Data People (we enjoy it)

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