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EastPoint Solutions - Moving the Machines

Technology works for us. We make IT work for you

When electricity was first wired into factories, factory owners didn’t move their machines. Factory owners left them where they’d been positioned when the power was generated by cart horses and water wheels.
Why move them?
They work fine, right?
Took about twenty years to figure out moving the machines was

revolutions  evolutions

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Yes, factory owners understood the need for electricity, they sensed it was better, but they could only see as far as their horizons. 

People decided to move the machines. To align them with the needs of the factory. This heralded one of the greatest productivity improvements in the history of mankind. 

The differentiator was people, it still is people. EastPoint move the machines. We are those people.

Is technology helping your business? Is your business harnessing the technology?


Now the electricity is in, we are moving on to new horizons, through the revolutions. 

Computers, the cloud, mobile devices, IOT and of course the galaxy sized elephant in every room – DATA. Data is King they scream. 

EastPoint has unique and proven data integration solutions, solutions our competitors cannot use, did not find and have no affinity with. 

Yes IT is the facilitator, the river to carry all. But where? And what? Each business a different symphony. Data is still stored in big sophisticated filing cabinets, there but apart. Let us move the data into the arteries of your business. Let it nourish the company body, strengthen, vitalise.

If your system integration solution does not solve the data issue, then you are not solving anything. Yes IT may be common but the knowledge and competencies to use it effectively are not.

Find people who enjoy moving data.
People who have done it many times, proven.
Find the data experts, strategists, architects and visionaries.
EastPoint are those people.

What is the right technological alignment for your business?
What is over the horizon?
Demand full delivery, nothing less will suffice.

“Businesses don’t want an IT project they want the result, they want the output.”

Don’t accept the “that is just the way it is”, strive, invent and discover.
Move your machines, move them into place.

Free your data, and let it flow.


EastPoint is a system integration solutions provider. Bespoke solutions to real world issues facing organisations at the end of the decade. Making technologies speak to each other and us. Listening to what the data is saying. 

We listen to you, we tell your data systems what you want them to do. 

We build infrastructures to solve your problems. Solutions that can evolve as your business does.  So many companies are simply a cork in a gale on the ocean. You are in charge of your IT, not the other way around. 

Remove the limitations, and move forward past the old horizons into the future. Don’t accept piece meal solutions, locking in current issues for another churn, another cycle of upgrades and issues remaining. Fix it with full integration and evolution.

revolutions  evolutions

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Why can some parts of your business not communicate properly with others? Horizontal and vertical integration. Integrate your IT and Data into one body. The data flows through the infrastructure we have specially built in line with your needs and plans. Let the blood flow through the veins you have created.  

Data system integration is a key element, it is another subtle differentiator. 

EastPoint sees the complexity, embraces it and works with you to simplify and ensure your IT evolution continues.