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What exactly is IoT?

Talking fridges, laughing bins and singing toilets? Well, yes and no. 

Sentient things interconnected, or simply connected. Networks of sensors, their sensings flow into a technology neural pathway through analytic prisms in to and out of managerial pit stops to be managed or allowed through to the next checkpoint, eventually ending up stored, acted upon, wilfully ignored, understood, learned from, and again. Each iteration a new layer of data learning from which knowledge and experience can be gleaned. 

Simple right? Well actually, yes, when you work with EastPoint.

EastPoint’s first foray into IoT began 3 years ago and it is now up and running.
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A question often asked, who is actually using IoT in Ireland, it seems to exist on a metaphysical plane without real world examples?

Not for EastPoint.

With proven capabilities in all essential aspects of IoT, EastPoint are ready to bring your idea to market, to implementation and to fruition.

Our current real world solution involves our own designed hardware, edge computing, cloud computing and client side devices. From idea, through consultation, implementation and finally realisation, we’ll guide you. We’ve already been there. 

Our process in IoT, as with any of our offerings, begins with listening to you, the client.

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IoT - Believe the Hype
We do

IoT is a manifest altering of business realities, choose your partner wisely, accept no half actions. Total commitment to harness these once in a generation revolutionary possibilities. We already have proof of concepts alongside our very own proofs of success. 

IoT’s diffusion into every aspect of your business has already begun with or without you. With EastPoint you can reap every reward.  Like IoT itself, EastPoint is a convergent technology company, all the technologies working together. 

We’ll first listen to your expertise as you describe your business model, then learn what it is you require, what your objective is. We’ll come back to you with our solutions, never prescriptive always adhering to the parameters you yourself prescribed.

There is nothing stopping us. Nothing stopping you from realising the future your competitors can only dream of.  Their future is our now.

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“Give us a challenge, give us something we can bite into, something that hasn’t been done before, something groundbreaking. “

Mike O’Brien
EastPoint founder.

Business intelligence gleaned from Big Data.

The capturing and processing of real time data is a key IoT capability. 

EastPoint have positioned ourselves to harness these same capabilities for your business. We have acquired the requisite skills and competencies in both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to implement these technologies in your industry and your business.

The opportunities offered from your data abound. Indeed, they are the building blocks for our future actions. The learnings from the very fabric of your business, from the machines, and their users.

EastPoint already has IoT projects up and running. The old solutions will not suffice with the quantity of data produced. New algorithms, improved data mining abilities, new perspectives and ambitions all play vital roles in how your IoT project proceeds.

Why wait?

The Internet of Things (IoT) – a type of network to connect anything with the Internet based on stipulated protocols through information sensing equipments to conduct information exchange and communications in order to achieve smart recognitions, positioning, tracing, monitoring, and administration.

EastPoint IoT - Now. Why wait?

Why choose EastPoint for IoT projects?

Our skills become your skills, everything we have ever learned or done becomes yours when you work with us. 

We take advantage of each of our pillars to inform our decisions and our offerings, Data & System integrations feeds into our Project Management, which in turn informs our Software Development arm, there are no divisions in EastPoint everything falls under our halo of excellence.

In everything we do our differentiator is who we are first, then what we can do. When you work with us, you get our all. No shading, no ghosts, no winks or nudges, total clarity of communication throughout. There are no duel agendas when you work with EastPoint there is always only the one, your agenda, yours.

While others specialise in one aspect of the IoT chain EastPoint has a full suite at our command and is prepared to guide you, our client, past the many challenges, to your destination; a fully operational IoT System. Replete with all the benefits, efficiencies and hitherto unimagined positive consequences.

None of this matters without our EastPoint culture; an amalgamation of our skill sets all set in place by the two watchwords, benchmarks that every action must pass, must impress, honesty and integrity.

A Client Case Study

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A case study in data integration, project management, platform development and IoT

What The Client Said

“We needed a provider that was at the cutting edge of what was happening with technology … but at the same time managing the whole process of looking at the bigger picture of what’s required at the moment and what is likely to be required in the future.”

Give us your tangled messes!

We would love to come in and show you first hand our solutions at work, to meet with you and listen to what it is you want, figure it all out.  Simply call or email us to set up a demonstration, a proof of concept or one of our proofs of success.

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Eastpoint web logo 500pxIncorporated in April 2009 and fully Irish-owned, the team at EastPoint Solutions has designed, developed and implemented IT solutions and services for over two decades both in Ireland and abroad.

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