Remember going home? We miss it too. 

Remember going home?
We miss it too. 

by Mike O'Brien EastPoint CEO

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool

Can you remember going to work? 
Can you remember coming home from work? 
The sights, the smells, the fresh air? 
The school runs?  
The meetings, the greeting your colleagues and clients? 
The coffee dock chats, rants and gossips? 
The challenges and the sense of achievement? 
The after work socialising, sporting events, and quiet moments with your partner and friends? And of course, the banter and the craic?  
Remember all that? 
It wasn’t perfection but it had balance and we had choices. 
That balance and choice was unceremoniously ripped from all our hands. Let’s take it back. Together. Enough talk. 
Time for action. 

Honesty and Integrity

The EastPoint culture is built on honesty and integrity. We look in the mirror all the time. We make honest appraisals. We take action.

Over the last number of weeks we looked in that mirror several times, maybe more often than usual. We took action. We now want to help you do the same. We want you to look in the mirror too, to help you make an appraisal. We can show you how, we’ll do it alongside you.

Looking in the mirror isn’t easy, but we’ve drawn from our decades of experience and expertise with technology, with operating principles, and most importantly, with people.

Houston we've had a problem...

They looked in the mirror. Admitted they had a problem. They didn’t have everything they wanted. You never will, no one ever does, but they found solutions. They used what they had, first to return, then to assess and realign, finally to reinvent.

The EastPoint Apollo Approach

Our Apollo approach is built to be tailored. Tailored just for you because we are all different. We all see different reflections in our individual mirrors as people and as organisations.

The new normal. What will it be?

Your new normal, the world’s new normal is not about sitting on endless conference calls. For those still working from home it is not about sitting at a makeshift desk in our bedrooms or kitchens. It is not about having that sense of isolation. It is not about having at best, partial data trying to stressfully make decisions, to instruct, to guide, to report. It’s just not sustainable. Let’s not fool ourselves.

For sure remote working will play a role, but it’s not THE role and you instinctively know this. You feel it.


Balance needs to be achieved. We will find that balance together, because that’s what humans do best, even when presented with great challenges. We’re now faced with our greatest challenge ever. All of us together. One great team. We’ll not be defeated.

This is our Apollo moment.

Our way of thinking, of helping, of solving: 3 simple steps. But don’t let their simplicity fool you, they arrive out of deep thought leveraged from deep experience. We now need to tackle your challenge, what you see in your own mirror, and use our combined experience and our expertise together. Move your reality, get you home again.

People as the interface, technology as the platform, intelligence as the bridge.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk…….today.

EastPoint Apollo


Return to a safer workplace while adhering to best practice

  1. Identify and establish a needs-based assessment plan to return to work
  2. Manage occupancy and movement throughout workspaces and common areas
  3. Monitor relevant environmental factors
  4. Provide assurance of compliance to your people and third parties
  5. Communicate and educate


Realign your organisation to the hybrid world of remote and onsite work

  1. Stabilise your organisation as the economy reopens
  2. Enhance your people’s purpose
  3. Identify underlying inefficiencies, weak processes and poor data
  4. Reconfigure your organisational processes intelligently
  5. Merge your digital and physical workplaces through data and system integration


Reinvent and transform your operations

  1. Adapt your operating model to harness the opportunities
  2. Grow your business into the future digitally transformed
  3. Embrace innovation and agility as bulwarks of a brave new world
  4. Capture the new and ever-changing customer behaviour model
  5. Elevate your people, enable them to drive your reinvention

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