Does your technology data software IT work for you?

EastPoint weaves your data and systems into the fabric of your business.
We are the innovators, the facilitators, the fixers, the makers.

Technology works for us. We make it work for you.

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We'll make your technology work for you again.

EastPoint integrates systems, potentially multiple systems, modern day, in the cloud and legacy. 

We make your technology work for you again. 

System integrations to make business easier, clearer, motivated by your needs, the client’s needs. Non-prescriptive solutions to complexity, to system sag and lag.

EastPoint aim to create a pattern of excellence through rhythm and expertise.

We embrace the technology, it’s what drives us, hunting, discovering new technology synergies, unique applications of tested tools and bleeding edge simplicities to make it all smooth.

Get your data & systems working how they are supposed to. Let your business flow. 

We run it tight, growing and diversifying the technology streams. Unblocking, re-irrigating data flows and ploughing ahead. High utilisation with efficiency. Technology does not need waste.

We’ll show you the way forward.

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EastPoint Solutions – Moving the Machines

When electricity was first wired into factories, factory owners didn’t move their machines. They left them where they’d been positioned when the power was generated by cart horses and water wheels.

Why move them? They work fine, right?

Took about twenty years to figure out moving the machines was

Yes, factory owners understood the need for electricity, they sensed it was better, but they could only see as far as their horizons. People decided to move the machines. To align them with the needs of the factory. This heralded one of the greatest productivity improvements in the history of mankind. The differentiator was people, it still is people.

EastPoint move the machines. We are those people.

What Our Clients Say

“There is a sense that when we are working with them that they do want to become that strategic partner, that they are working with that in mind, it is not a case of here is a time and materials gig for a couple of days … their technical expertise is excellent.”​

Department of Justice & Equality

Client Case Studies

Blue Insurance logo

Blue Insurance

Blue wanted a data system integration to coincide with its entry into the home and motor insurance market

Dept of Justice logo 300px

Dept. of Justice

How the Department of Justice & Equality solved its Lotus Notes/Domino problem once and for all.

We only partner with the best

We are in this to make partnerships, create value and begin friendships.

We’ve built strong relationships with large global players such as Microsoft & IBM, in addition to highly specialised partners such as Darwino, Jitterbit, Monnit, Eurotech, Aspera, Time To Act, 3 Ireland and the Open Source community, among others.

We also have our own development arm for new technological frontiers, to provide new solutions.

Darwino has carefully selected EastPoint Solutions (EPS) as its partner based on the delivery capabilities and track record of their firm. It is important to Darwino to work with highly skilled partners that can successfully perform client projects with a high quality. EPS and Darwino have formed a trusting partnership where Darwino is committed to support EPS in any project with advice or taking on enhancement request.

Matthias Grossmann

Darwino Director

Give us your tangled messes!

We would love to come in and show you first hand our solutions at work, to meet with you and listen to what it is you want, figure it all out.  Simply call or email us to set up a demonstration, a proof of concept or one of our proofs of success.

Specialist Solutions

Specialist Services

About Us

Eastpoint web logo 500pxIncorporated in April 2009 and fully Irish-owned, the team at EastPoint Solutions has designed, developed and implemented IT solutions and services for over two decades both in Ireland and abroad.

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