IoT is made for Remote Working

IoT is Made for Remote Working
Why remote working is no longer only about the office worker.

IoT – Believe the Hype

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Remote working is no longer about the office worker, it has broken out of the office into factories, buildings and as far as our imaginations will take us. The modern worker has more autonomy, more opportunity than ever before to work from home, or in fact, anywhere else. Our ideas are just catching up with the possibilities presented by IoT combined with automation, AI and machine learning. EastPoint IoT has already several IoT projects underway or completed. 

Remote working is no longer solely the ability to be able to send an email, take a conference call, it has moved on to the engineer, the inspector, the monitor in whatever guise. IoT has opened up the ability of the genuine remote worker. 

Workers who used to have to engage physically, now they can leverage the AI and the business intelligence to avail of automation and machine learning. We are now looking at the next stage of remote working, hitherto unimagined occupations are seeing the walls of certainty crumble all around them.    
“Technologies such as blockchain, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing will have a transformative impact on how work gets done” Gartner 

IoT, the Internet of Things, can do its part in increasing the number of employees in remote work, in fact it is well on the way to doing so. IoT already enables many of us to work from home, a trend that is only going to increase. Yes, the pandemic is focusing our minds, and is increasing the adoption speed, but it has been happening all around us, we are merely more aware of it now.  
As consumers and workers, we have the devices in our homes to facilitate remote working. Although some jobs are naturally unable to be done remotely yet, that number is decreasing as we continue to explore the opportunities IoT presents us with.  

At EastPoint IoT, yes we are integrating and harvesting data from the sensors, but we are taking it further, in our vision for the world, we then use that data in AI and Machine Learning to remake how work is done in the twenty first century. The AI will now do what the engineer would have done. We are going to be integrating what emerges from the machines straight into the fully functioning brain of the company. EastPoint IoT is learning, growing and evolving our offering and ourselves constantly. The ERP cascades down, out and up, across the world. Everything is now possible. We just need to imagine it, then build it. At EastPoint IoT we have already started.  

We have already seen an explosion in remote working when it comes to office jobs. Many people now work from home, using their laptop’s cloud access. Many more again remote work some days and only go into the office for specific events. International meetings are another day to day of business that immediately lent themselves to remote working and are a viable option in lieu of travel.  
“The global industrial IoT market is expected to reach approximately USD 751.3 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 23.88% from 2017 to 2023.” Wise Guy Reports 2020 

But what about IoT and remote working outside the office? 
IoT creates the data and intelligent systems can be built and learn from this data. Allowing us to do more from one physical position. Instead of the engineer travelling from one location to the next doing monthly, daily or annual checks on equipment, IoT sensors can do the job for them. Creating data that can be analysed and reacted upon when required. Mitigating the need for on site work, and as the system learns what to do in the event of one or more data points being reached, automation and AI are able to react accordingly to whatever the data reveals. A single technician on site or on call is now able to oversee a much larger body of work.  

IoT’s diffusion into every aspect of your business has already begun with or without you. With EastPoint you can reap every reward. Like IoT itself, EastPoint is a convergent technology company, all the technologies working together.

Yes, convenience is one aspect of how IoT can facilitate remote working. But it also brings more tangible complex benefits. With data being more freely available experts have more information on which to make their decisions. Predictive analytics and machine learning further increase the valuable insights and automation opportunities for preventing and or reacting to issues, whether they be positive or negative. Decision making automation based on previously learnt data inflection points are encouraging business into remote working and IoT, being not only a harbinger of change but also more efficiency, profit, employee satisfaction, less churn and providing us with the new frontier in societal change. EastPoint IoT has already embarked upon this journey, join us. 


IoT data flows to and from sensors, IoT hubs and their eventual destinations are quite rightly the focus of industries’ wide security concerns. IoT security is a hot topic worldwide, but need not be such a pressure point. Remote monitoring of all devices is much more easily achieved today, than when such things came into existence. Sensors can now be integrated into the machines themselves allowing for more streamlined and secure data journeys. We are already seeing this coming from the manufacturers.  
As the integrations increase, as more and more devices are connected, remote working is one of the many off shoots we will see and benefit from. The Covid 19 pandemic may have given us all a nudge in that direction, but the truth is we have been going that way for a long time.  
The Internet of Things and remote working are a perfect match.  

system integration using internet of things

In EastPoint Solutions at the end of the day we are still data and system integrators, for us we just see IoT as another opportunity to harvest and glean data that we can then integrate into the company body, and mind. We have mastered data integration from the office, now we are smashing the silos wide open, whether those silos are in manufacturing, facilities management, fleet management, every industry is ripe for IoT to improve it, for employees to benefit from increased remote working, and for the company to reap the rewards.   
We’ve come a long way, and we are still not there yet, where? Just over the horizon……… 
So, what? 
IoT gives us the capability to harvest from a new, hitherto unbuilt, super highway into areas we never had access before. But that is not enough, having the tech is not enough. At EastPoint we have already normalised this, we want to bring it right into the business and have cross organisational capabilities, within and without. Why stop at the metaphorical walls of the company, we can move it right on through to other businesses. Streamlining agreed upon supply chains, processes and integrations. 
AI – integrating with other systems. In terms of where it will fully blossom, real world automation using AI is next, and it is now. The data flows aggregated onto one glass. Yes people are still having to look at that glass, but not for long.  

“IoT is a manifest altering of business realities, choose your partner wisely, accept no half actions. Total commitment to harness these once in a generation revolutionary possibilities. We already have proof of concepts alongside our very own proofs of success.”