Integrated Project Management

Integrated Project Management

We are not the same

Right People | Right Skills | Right Time

"Life’s most urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” MLK

EastPoint’s achievements, expertise and strengths are our rewards for risk, and a life less ordinary.

Our project managers are not the same. The results are not the same.

EastPoint studies your users, internal and external, as project inspirations, their expectations and demands as essential adherences, solution catalysts. The necessary complexity and overlay of your stakeholders and their requirements are incorporated directly into our project plan. The demands of your customers, the position of your competitors, the scrutiny of regulators and on. 

We immerse ourselves in the project’s innate complexity, plot a safe course through to its successful destination.

We listen to you. We see your vision and create a plan to emulate and succeed. We then provide you with the people where and when you need them.

Businesses don’t want an IT project they want the result, they want the output.

Des McLaughlin


We never forget this.

Our clients come to us for the project’s output. The project’s result, the value. The successful implementation of their ideas.
The win. Your win.

PRIORITY – We keep you informed at all times. 

EastPoint project management is not the same. It’s more, it’s complete project management, vagaries, cultures, people and technology, all under the umbrella of EastPoint’s project management offering. 

The differentiator was people, it still is people.

EastPoint move the machines. We are those people.

“It is the people where the fun is. You have perceptions, culture, agendas, all of this type of stuff and that is the bit that needs to be navigated.”

Aaron Keane – Head of Project Management – EastPoint Solutions

revolutions  evolutions

Cadence & Rhythm

No waste, just accuracy and efficiency

An EastPoint PM is not the same, no hanging around, no purchase order driven mercenaries. They are there when you need them, no longer, the time allotted agreed in concert with you, the client. Every one singing from your hymn sheet. 

Our project management methodology is based on the best principles from PRINCE2 and PMP. Augmented and enhanced by our visceral experiences. At all times we adhere to our Arc of Visibility – ensuring complete illumination of all aspects of the project. We keep you in the light at all times. After all, it’s your project.

Irrespective of how complex the technology might seem, we work through communicative lines of action, complete collaboration throughout. Agreed and implemented with your agenda as the defining drive on all aspects of the project. We bring 25 years of experience to the table, your table.

Yes we enjoy the difficult, strange jobs people baulk at, but for us it is about improvement, and thus we can apply our experience, bring to bear our technological expertise on any area of your business. Technology works for us, and not the other way around. We believe our role is to listen, learn, confirm, consult and then act. 

Our embedded PMs harness our technical expertise and your natural verve and knowledge of your business to complete tasks, objectives and leave you with a completed piece. 

Despite the natural complexity of these projects, our experience and skill lies in using process to simplify, achieving minor milestones, breaking off chunks of work whenever possible into deliverables. Providing peace of mind all along the project’s timeline, pure clear lines of communication. 

We may have experiences spanning 25 years and access to the best methodologies, despite this we tailor the project management process to your project. This flexibility is a key EastPoint differentiator. We do not arrive with preordained templates. We are not the same. Our project managers have a unique understanding of the convergence of business and technology.

A Client Case Study

Dept of Justice logo 300px

Dept. of Justice

How the Department of Justice & Equality solved its Lotus Notes/Domino problem once and for all.

What The Client Said

“We found them great to work with.”

“Their technical expertise is excellent.”

Derek Coffey, Head of Development

Dept. Justice & Equality

Give us your tangled messes!

We would love to come in and show you first hand our solutions at work, to meet with you and listen to what it is you want, figure it all out.  Simply call or email us to set up a demonstration, a proof of concept or one of our proofs of success.

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Eastpoint web logo 500pxIncorporated in April 2009 and fully Irish-owned, the team at EastPoint Solutions has designed, developed and implemented IT solutions and services for over two decades both in Ireland and abroad.

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