Welcome Gerry James, Our New CFO

Welcome Gerry James: Our New CFO

EastPoint Solutions Welcomes Gerry James: A Visionary Leader in Finance

EastPoint Solutions is thrilled to announce the appointment of Gerry as our new Chief Financial Officer. Gerry brings with him a wealth of experience, having navigated through various industries and continents, showcasing his adaptability, expertise, and visionary approach to financial leadership.

Gerry’s journey in finance began with a solid foundation at Irish Distillers in the eighties, where he quickly grasped the intricacies of the financial world, got his “grounding”. His role as an International Financial Controller at Claris Software marked a significant turn in his career. Claris, an independent subsidiary of Apple Computer, was a worldwide business which included the Apple software brand. It offered him global exposure and a platform to showcase his exceptional skills in overseeing operations across different continents. It is also where he first worked with Mike O’Brien, our CEO and founder. 

Gerry went on to build a software start up from scratch in Swords, showcasing again adaptability and leadership, as well as willingness to embrace new challenges before rejoining forces with Mike in Connect Business Solutions.

I have always had something else as well as finance, looking after the engineering team, the customer service team, along with the more usual HR, Admin etc . I keep learning, like taking on the general manager role at TNS, doing other things, you are that bit more rounded, you feel you can approach things from a different viewpoint. Rather than as a straight finance head, who is generally seen as the man who says No! Sometimes you really need to be the man who says yes, because it is something that will bring on the business, and grow the business.

Connect Business Solutions grew rapidly in software localization and system integration space offering solutions to a diverse international client base. Gerry and Mike worked in the management team during a sustained growth period during which time Aidan Coyne joined the team.

Gerry was getting itchy feet, and after a successful sale of Connect, he decided to up sticks and move the whole family to Australia, new horizons. He may have been laid back before, but he embraced the Aussie lifestyle, and appreciated the work ethic.

To be fair to the Aussies, you know, they get a very bad rap on being so laid back… They actually work really, really hard when they’re working.”

What sets Gerry apart is his holistic approach to leadership. He believes in looking beyond the numbers, understanding that true leadership in finance involves nurturing growth, fostering innovation, and making strategic decisions that propel a company forward. His diverse experience, from managing engineering teams to customer services, has given him a unique perspective on business operations.

Gerry’s time in Australia with a private educational company was a period of significant learning and growth. He embraced the challenges and opportunities that came his way, further solidifying his role as a transformative leader.

He eventually came home, thankfully for us, to work with TNS Distribution. Again his skills proved invaluable with TNS being acquired after significant growth in the marketplace.

From there to Donnybrook Fair for a brief stint, selling the business to Musgrave, before joining the team at KPC in Cork, the pharma engineering company.

“In terms of trends, technology is already very important to EastPoint, but I like to always remember the nuts and bolts of any business, they are what hold it together after all.”

At EastPoint Solutions, we recognise the importance of having a leader who not only understands the financial aspects of the business but also values mentorship and development. Gerry’s commitment to making others better at their jobs resonates deeply with our core values and culture. A culture whose foundations are forged on honesty and integrity. It’s this culture which has enabled strong long lasting partnerships with our clients.

When I was back in Claris, the CFO said to me, I need you to become me, I need to make you as good as I am ever going to be. It's my job to make you better at your job. That was a lightbulb moment for me, and has always stayed with me. 28 years since he said that to me, I just think it is a great way to live your life. This is how I have done it ever since.

Outside of work, Gerry finds balance through walking, tennis, and being a passionate Manchester United fan – look, no one is perfect. These activities reflect his belief in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, an ethos we strongly support at EastPoint Solutions.

We are excited to have Gerry on board and look forward to the innovative and strategic direction he will bring to our team as we continue to scale and grow. This success has enabled us to attract experienced people. His appointment is a testament to our commitment to excellence and growth in the ever-evolving world of business and more importantly our commitment to our clients.

Welcome aboard, Gerry! It’s great to have the team back together!