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A case study in data integration, project management, platform development and IoT.

Over 3 years ago we began working with Acacia on a straight up data migration and integration project. As the project progressed, IoT was integrated into the solution. The story of this and our ongoing partnership with Acacia is told below. A true story of data and system integration, using IoT. As a system integration company we have enjoyed every aspect of this project. 

Acacia is a facilities management company headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with clear visions of the future. They manage workplace services for blue chip companies, while also consulting in the building and facilities management space.

 Acacia is an industry leader providing their own bespoke technological solutions to the challenges facing Facilities Management in the 21st Century.  Acacia wanted to move forward, they wanted to bring their clients with them, and most of all they wanted their technology solutions to evolve and transform with them. Their challenge: to embrace new technology, including IoT and to identify a strong compatible technology partner with real world experience and expertise.

 Objectives: Stay ahead of competitors. Remain industry leader in FM related technologies and thought leader in the FM industry itself. Acacia was seeking to secure and modernise their technology offerings bringing their data and expertise with them. Acacia needed a responsive technology partner with the expertise and the people, to help them achieve their goals. Simultaneously scouting ahead into the future bringing them the news from the edges: cutting, and bleeding.  “We needed a provider that was at the cutting edge of technology.”  Clive Brazier, Business Systems Director.

Acacia needed a company who understood what they wanted. Who listened to their needs.

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Acacia understood the choice, jump or stall. First, forward consolidation, solidify their position in the now and the near term. Acacia needed a partner that could provide the right people, the right skills, to know what is going to happen next. “But at the same time managing the whole process of looking at the bigger picture of what’s required at the moment and what is likely to be required in the future.”

“We sit down with EastPoint and say right, this is next on our roadmap. EastPoint bring the technical expertise, and tell us how the architecture should work” Acacia needed specialists. “The system architecture had to be designed, we needed to have database people. We needed to have web people, IoT experts. We needed to have mobile app experts. We needed security experts” EastPoint was able to provide all of this, and the “experience and knowledge.”

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“EastPoint offers a fantastic cloud based solution, secure, best of breed, with platform scalability, ISO certified, sitting on Microsoft Technologies. That is even before we start to talk about IoT. Add to all this resilient, scalable, secure IoT. The data synthesis module in the platform is like nothing else out there, very rare. In terms of AI, automation and workforce and asset management, as system integrators we are able to integrate these into your main business applications throughout your business.”

EastPoint is delighted to work with a partner such as Acacia, a true pioneer in terms of Facilities Management in the twenty first century. A true partnership, whereby our skills compliment each other and result in an ongoing working relationship with no boundaries, and mutually beneficial results. 

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