Microsoft Azure Solution Ireland

Microsoft Azure
Your Launchpad to a Borderless Future

EastPoint has worked with the Azure family for over a decade. Since launch in fact. Microsoft’s dedication to providing a scalable, compatible and indeed likeable platform for developers and innovators has altered the landscape, and helped shape it. EastPoint has thoroughly enjoyed working with Azure in its many evolving manifestations delivering what our clients need now, with a solution that will grow and innovate as they themselves do. The Azure ecosystem makes everyone’s lives easier. We are firmly committed to it. 

Mike O’Brien | EastPoint CEO

Azure is not just Microsoft’s public cloud platform; it is the constellation of over 200 products and cloud services designed to fuel your ambitions, propel your solutions, and eclipse today’s challenges to define tomorrow. This isn’t merely platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or managed database service capabilities. It’s a universe of opportunities waiting for your exploration.

Microsoft Azure Product Family

With Azure’s boundless compatibility supporting numerous programming languages, tools, and frameworks, you’re not tied to Microsoft-specific software or systems. You are free to construct, operate, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premise environments, and even at the edge. All with the tools and frameworks you choose, in a world designed by you.

Azure has shattered the silos of data, transforming barriers into bridges that create total interconnectedness. Integrate your data throughout your business, redefining the way you operate. Let Azure’s state-of-the-art virtualisation be the dynamo that powers your world.

Azure Services: Your Toolbox for Tomorrow

Azure not only supports the deployment of applications in the cloud but also promotes the growth of hybrid applications. These applications leverage Azure’s features such as storage, identity and authentication, media services, database, and reporting. Azure introduces IoT, AI and Machine Learning into the mix, weaving a tapestry of data and automations that learn and adapt to serve your business better. With EastPoint at your side, you have a partner who listens, learns, and leverages Azure to amplify your ambitions.
Azure’s services catalogue spans the essentials and the exciting:

  • AI + Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Compute
  • Databases
  • Development
  • Identity + Security
  • IoT + MR
  • Integration
  • Management + Governance
  • Media + Comms
  • Migration
  • Networking
  • Storage

Cloud Adoption: Your Journey, Our Expertise

Navigate Your Cloud Adoption Journey with Confidence

Every cloud adoption journey has its own map and mysteries. We know the terrain can be challenging and the route less straightforward than anticipated. But with a trusted guide like EastPoint, the journey becomes a joy rather than a task. We provide tailored guidance and comprehensive assessments to ensure that your cloud strategy is robust and fit for your business KPIs, stakeholder support, and budget targets.

Azure Cloud Journey

EastPoint and Azure: A Partnership in Progress

A Time-Tested Partnership Propelling Progress

EastPoint has been a companion to Azure from the very beginning – over twelve years ago. Our history with Azure has seen us design, develop, and deploy business solutions that deliver undeniable value to our clients. We’ve watched Azure evolve and anticipate the needs of modern businesses, shaping a platform that is scalable, compatible, and personable. With EastPoint, you not only gain a solution that meets your current needs, but one that grows and innovates as you do. Dive into the Azure ecosystem and experience ease like never before. Let EastPoint be your guide to this exciting and boundless new world.

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